5 Best Scripture Art Ideas in 2019

A good way to reflect on the scriptures and declare your faith is through Bible art. Using art can help you mix your creativity with your love for Jesus. The holy spirit is there to inspire you. Art can help you to ponder on the verses you have read or just as an act of worship. It is a good method to share the love you have for God either in illustrations or pictures. If you thought only professional experts can create art, you are wrong. You can create scripture art even if you are getting started. See these five best art ideas that you can use.

Basic hand lettering

Even if you are not an expert artist, this is easy to do. It is very popular since most people use it to make wall prints, hand-made cards, and bible journals. You may use the common precision pen, brush pen or black sharpie to get the enchanting fonts. Hand lettering is easy to do and if you are new to it, you can learn from someone. For instance, you could do hand lettering for a verse such as Jesus wept.

Draw pictures

If you are less artistic like me, this scripture art might be fit for you. You don’t need to create images from scratch. You can begin by utilizing Coloring Bible. It has several pictures now printed that are simple to color. There are also several pages that you may decorate as you desire. The best way to make beautiful scripture artwork is by using Metallic Markers. You also utilize water-based Pastel Markers to do so. They will help you have an attractive artwork.

Use crayons

This is among the best methods to create scripture art. Crayons work like magic especially when you want your kids to memorize a verse. Crayons come in different colors and them very creamy. This gives them the metallic look that you desire. You can make use of them to make a stunning background for your hand-lettered scriptures.


Watercolors are a great way to show your creativity. Watercoloring is a bit more demanding as compared to kindergarten coloring. But it is a lot of fun. Watercolors can be found in your nearby store. You can make watercolors on your favorite scripture. It helps you remember it or capture the attention of anywhere using the Bible.


Nearly everyone loves flowers and they can make amazing scripture artwork. There are many types that you may use to create scripture arts. But you can use simple flowers for a start. Flowers ignite excitement every time we see them. You can create an artwork using a flower and share a message from your favorite verse.


Art is a good way to express ourselves. It is also a good way to share our love with God. Apart from that, we can use art to help others learn more about the bible and get inspiring messages. If you are an Artist and would love to proclaim your love about God, it is time to use your artistic skills.